Quick update

Progress from Feb 2007 to May 18 2011

The last couple weeks have been quite hectic but I’m still doing my best to quit smoking and stay on track with eating healthy. I’ve been making all sorts of tasty suppers (not necessarily the healthiest though… Oh well) so that my husband would be well fed during his final exams for his accounting degree. […]

Busy week/ quitting smoking too!

It’s only Tuesday and it’s already a busy week! Thank goodness this weekend is Easter long weekend – I just get Friday off work but that’s good enough for me. Busy week? Yes indeed. I have quite a few doctors appointments and whatnot on top of having to do all the month end reports and […]

Gym update

Well I went to the gym yesterday as planned. I think I did well but now my right hip joint hurts! So maybe I over did it? Maybe is just didn’t do enough stretching? Not sure but I really don’t want this to hold me back From getting my routine back in order – I’m […]

Too much food at the buffet!

Well yesterday as you know from my previous post it was my birthday so I had a large cheat meal at a buffet. I managed to eat less than I was planning but I still ate too much! So much in fact that I can still feel it bubbling in my tummy this morning. Yeah […]

excited for my birthday cheat meal!

yay! Today is my birthday!  I’ve been struggling with the whole “getting older thing” but I’m having a really great birthday so far! (I turn 27 today – wow, really where has the time gone?) I didn’t take the day off work today but I do have the luxury of working remotely through my computer […]

Some thoughts

I really need to update my blog more often. I guess I’ve been going through a lot lately and have been making the excuse that this has been getting in the way of my writing. Although I really have been going through a lot, I know I have to make more of an effort to […]

Been a while!! some updates!

Hi everybody! I know, I know… it’s been a super long time since I’ve posted any updates.  I’ve been super busy with a lot of things and I guess life just got in the way. grrrr…  I’ve been working on getting “back on the wagan” again…lol… gained a few pounds unfortunately but I’ve been back […]

Gym update!

wow! just wow!  I shocked myself! I was so nervous (social anxieties and all) about finally going to the gym and I am finding that I actually like it there! – or at least I’m not minding it as much as I thought I would! Its usually very difficult to get myself motivated and I […]


This is just a quick update to let everyone know that I finally had the courage to call and make that appointment for my gym membership!  I’m still nervous as heck about it but I really need to put things in motion.  My appointment is for this Saturday afternoon I know there are probably lots […]

time for a change…

I’m trying to steadily get back into the swing of things and get back on track in terms of my diet and exercise however I just keep hitting stumbling blocks – namely Me.  I don’t know why but I just keep sabotaging myself and setting myself up for failure by eating the wrong kinds of […]

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